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Soldering System

The fastest turnaround of SMT and through-hole PCB design is found with us. Our services include PCB assembly, reworks, customization, and card manufacturing. We also offer parts kits, allowing you to assemble your own boards. No matter what your individual needs, we have you covered.

Dual Wave Solder

Our circuit board assembly and manufacturing machinery allows us to provide you with top quality PCB boards. Whether you're looking for Automated SMT placement or through-hole prep and insertion, we have the automated and manual processes to deliver the most accurate boards.

Advanced Systems
Automated SMT

LPS developed an RS232 transceiver that includes isolation due to the unavailibility in the current market. When it comes to SMT and through-hole technology, we're pushing the boundaries with new products. Our unique driver modules are just another way we can help you with all your PCB needs and stand out from the competition.

Isolation Modules

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About Us

Laser Photo-Tooling Services, Inc. (LPS) originated as a frontier service bureau in Boca Raton, Florida in 1987,  providing the indusrty with precise Laser Tooled artwork.   Twenty nine years later, we are still an industry leader. 

With over 100+ years of combined expertise, we have created a One Stop Shop facility for all your circuit board needs.  Our services include: PCB Design and Layout, Printed Circuit Board Fabrication and Printed Circuit Boards Assembly just to name a few.

Our high-speed tools, in combination with our experienced staff, allow us to design and assemble reliable circuit boards at very competitive pricing. From consignment to Turnkey, LPS is a leading contract manufacturer.

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