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Building the Perfect Circuit Board Every Time

Laser Photo-Tooling Services, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida, specializes in PCB board Assembly. We provide services for custom circuit boards and offer superior custom isolation modules.


Dual Wave Solder

We enable simultaneous soldering of back-side SMT components and front-side through-hole components. Chip wave and laminar wave are adjusted separately for optimal soldering. Presentation of PCB to solder wave is repeatable to a maximum deviation of 0.003".

Bottom Heater: 48", Adjustable to Within 1" of Actual Process Width
Top Heater: 36", With Separate Temperature Controls
Edge-Finger Conveyor Width: 18"
Motor-driven Conveyor Height Adjustable Tolerance: +/-0.001"

Forced Convection Reflow

Eliminate the component body shadowing seen with previous IR technology. Our coerced convection provides uniform temperature from leading to trailing edge and board to board, regardless of component density or board loading. The closed-loop PID controller is interfaced through a high-speed PC. The graphical, computer-controlled, board-profiling system has three thermocouples.

Conveyor Width: 18"
Conveyor Systems: Edge-Finger and Mesh-Belt
Heating Zones: 8, Separately Controlled

Automated SMT Placement With On-The-Fly Vision Centering

The only method capable of handling the full complement of surface mount devices is 100% vision centering. The feeders contain memory devices to store part information, minimizing production errors. The machine is touch-screen computer controlled, with self-teach programming via downward-viewing camera or direct CAD download. Off-line computer programming is available for generating placement files.

Placement Area: 26" x 19"
Component Feeder Capacity: 80, Separate
Feeder Types: 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, and 44 mm Tape; Vibratory Stick; Matrix Tray
Component Size Range: 0402 to 2" x 2" (51 mm)
Minimum Lead Pitch: 15 mil
Placement Accuracy: +/- 0.0025"
Maximum Placement Rate: 6500 Components Per Hour
Head Configuration: Two Independent Placement Heads (Two Spindles Per Head)

Circuit Board

Through-Hole Prep and Insertion

We use axial and radial automated prep and insertion machines to achieve maximum performance, yield, and lead insertion. When needed, we have 36 feet of slide line for manual insertion purposes. All areas and personnel are grounded against static discharge.


We use no-clean fluxes and pastes throughout the assembly process to operate without CFCs and maintain high surface insulation resistance without cleaning. With this non-corrosive process, there are no residues to interfere with the ATE probes and it's safer than RMA fluxes. We also use advanced cleaning systems, including high-pressure chemical saponifier spray and ultrasonic immersion.