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Catering to market needs with a Unique RS232 Isolation Module

Laser Photo-Tooling Services, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida, has developed a unique RS232 transceiver that includes isolation. For SMT and through-hole boards, working with a company with extensive experience like us gives you an advantage. Our Services and Reliability guarantee you the best in PCB manufacturing.

Isolation Modules

We offer a line of isolation modules for use in communications, high voltage output drive (sink and source), and high voltage input reading. These modules provide cost-effective methods for marrying low voltage controls to high voltage loads. They are designed to operate reliably in demanding industrial environments. Isolation for the I/O modules is 2500 VRMS for one minute, and for module RS232DI it's 1520 VRMS for one minute. This makes them ideal for applications with high transient voltages and different ground potentials. The modules are contained in a hard epoxy, 40-pin DIP package for excellent environmental protection. They operate from -40C to +85C.


Serial communications among electronic systems often require isolation to ensure that ground differences between the systems do not result in damage or erroneous data transmission. For problems associated with RS232 communications, LPS developed the RS232DI (pin for pin compatible with the MAXIM MAX252 manufactured by maxim integrated™). The RS232DI is an electrically isolated dual RS232 transceiver that includes isolation for the communications lines and the single +5V power supply. It can be used for microprocessor (TTL) to PC communications with no additional parts, or configured for PC to PC communications with a transceiver chip.

Circuit Board Fan



These high-voltage output driver modules deliver a photo-isolated, noise-free output from a microprocessor or logic level system to external loads, such as valves, solenoids, and relay coils. They're pin for pin compatible to configure system outputs, allowing you to sink or source current up to 250 mA per channel. The reset function guarantees all outputs will be disabled during power-up. It has four independently controlled channels that operate from 9 to 50 VDC, and a complete microprocessor interface.


This high-voltage input module provides a photo-isolated, noise-free interface from a high-voltage load or sensor to a microprocessor or logic level system. It has four independently controlled channels that operate from 9 to 50 VDC, and a complete microprocessor interface.

Quality Control

Complete process and product specifications are available upon request. We currently build to ANSI/IPC-A-610 Class III standards.